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Here are some great old photos of Sue's parents, Martin and Irmgard (Pat) Petras, and their families. Martin took part in the occupation of Germany after World War II and met Pat there. They lived in Cleveland, OH all of their married life. They had four children: Marty, Chris, Chuck and Sue. Pat passed away in 1995. Martin moved to Atlanta in 1997 and enjoyed a very active life pursuing a variety of research and was very active with the Kiwanis. Martin passed away April 15, 2008 at age 86 and we had quite a showing for his funeral services. We will miss him! See photos of Martin's Services and read Martin's Obituary.

LEFT:  Martin's mother, far left, taught school in Ohio, 1916
CENTER:  Sue (C) on her wedding day with her sister Gertrude (R), 1917
RIGHT:  Martin's father, Edward & Sue, wedding day, 1917

LEFT:  Martin's maternal grandmother, Mary Stubbs (top R) with sister Martha (lower R), 1915
CENTER:  Martin's father, (standing far R), & his Ohio University football team, 1915
RIGHT:  Martin (R), wife Irmgard (Pat) with her father Herman & stepmother. Bavaria, 1948

LEFT:  Martin (R), wife Irmgard (Pat) with her father Herman & stepmother. Bavaria, 1948
RIGHT:  Martin (L), sister Mary Ann & brother Edward. New Straitsville OH, 1930

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