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Niagara Falls, Canada Trip 1 - Move on to Niagara Falls Trip 2

For many years we talked about a vacation to Niagara Falls. In July of 2016, we finally did it. Three days at Niagara Falls, two days in Toronto and three days at Bruce Peninsula, which is on Georgian Bay off Lake Huron (200 miles north of Niagara Falls). We had a great time and a nice relaxing vacation.

1. Niagara Falls on the U.S. side (Canadian side is in background).    2. "We're off on vacation!"

1. Here's a good view of both falls.   2. Close-up of Niagara Falls, American side.


1. Rapids upstream from American side.    2. Now we're at the Canadian side of the falls.

Move on to Niagara Falls Trip 2

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