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Minnesota '08 Trip 1 - Move on to Minnesota '08 Trip 2

Business always slows to a crawl over the Christmas holidays, so decided to take off for Minnesota again to visit the boys, Heather and our friends up in cold country! Minnesota gave us a very wintery welcome with temperatures below zero and quite a lot of snow! As you will see from these photos, it didn't keep us from having fun! On the way back, we stopped in Chicago for a few days of fun in the wintery windy city!

1 & 2. We took a walk at Lake Harriet near Minneapolis during our trip. It was cold, but invigorating!

1 & 2. As you can see, we bundled up for our walk!

1. Chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug!    2. Winter at Lake Minnetonka west of Minneapolis.

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