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2017 Fun Vacations   
South Dakota (June)    Kids Visit Atlanta (July)

Off to Eclipse 2017 in August    Back in 2013, when I heard that Hopkinsville KY would experience the longest total darkness (3 min) of the 2017 solar eclipse, I immediately booked a room. Two weeks later, they sold out. Being a science/astronomy buff, I never dreamed I would have an opportunity to experience a solar eclipse. So we will be in Hopkinsville on Aug 21 at 1:29pm when the sun darkens the sky .... it should be quite an experience! For more information visit these two sites:  2017 Solar Eclipse   Eclipseville

Total Solar EclipseTotal eclipses (moon passes between earth/sun, completely blocking the sun) are rare, only gracing any given path on the planet once every 360 years. The last U.S. total solar eclipse (1979) covered only our 5 extreme northwestern states. The 2017 eclipse will be the first in 99 years to cross the U.S. from east to west. There are only 4 more U.S. solar eclipses this century. In the 73 mile wide path that experiences totality: it will become night; stars come out; the sun's corolla becomes visible and; temperatures drop about 25 degrees. The more common lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the sun and moon, casting a shadow on the moon.

Cliff's Corner & Webs    Check out Cliff's Corner at the bottom of this page. Features include 1) our home, 2) photography tips, 3) early Europe photos 4) help with computer problems and 5) my other web sites.

1917 - 2017

Cliff & Sue
1993 - 2016

Cliff's Page
1942 - 2016

Sue's Page
1960 - 2016

Alan's Page
1998 - 2016

Ryan & Alan
1973 - 1998
Ryan, Heather, Reece & Amelia

Ryan's Family  New
2001 - 2017

Don's Family
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Chris' Family
2007 - 2015

Harry & Maggie
1917 - 2010

Martin & Irmgard
1921 - 2008

1999 - 2017
Reece & Amelia visit Grandpa & Grandma Sue

Atlanta Visit
Summer 2017

Solar Eclipse Trip
August 2017
Future Vacation to be Determined

Future Vacation
Coming 2018
Future Vacation to be Determined

Future Vacation
Coming 2019
Future Vacation to be Determined

Future Vacation
Coming 2020

Panama City Beach
Summer 2016
Sarasota Vacation

Fall 2016
Christmas in Minnesota!

Minnesota Christmas
Winter 2016
DC Vacation

Washington DC
Spring 2017
Our fun vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota

South Dakota

Summer 2017

Fall 2014

Panama City Beach
Summer 2015

North Shore
Fall 2015

Central Florida
Winter 2015

Niagara Falls
Summer 2016

Panama City Beach
Fall 2012

Southern California
Spring 2013

Atlanta Visit
Spring 2013

Fall 2013

Atlanta Visit
Summer 2014

Florida Keys
Winter 2010

Panama City Beach
Spring 2011

New York City

Summer 2011

Pensacola Beach
Fall 2011

New Mexico
Summer 2012

Pacific Northwest
Fall 2008

Winter 2008

Spring 2009

Panama City Beach
Spring 2010

Fall 2010

Pensacola Beach
Spring 2007

Summer 2007

Fall 2007

Cumberland Island
Fall 2007

Pensacola Beach
Spring 2008

Central California
Fall 2004

Fall 2005

Winter 2005

Atlanta-PC Beach
Summer 2006

Outer Banks
Fall 2006

Pacific Northwest
Summer 1999

New England
Summer 2000

Washington DC
Summer 2002

Chattooga Rafting
Summer 2003

Pacific Northwest
Summer 2003

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