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   Come on in and stay awhile! Here you'll find plenty of old and new photos of the Walker family and some of Sue's family (Petras) too. Also featured are photos of our personal and family vacations. Just click on photos or links below to get started. See green links for recent additions. Tip: Return here from any page by clicking on PhotoPages Online in the top header. Enjoy! - Cliff & Sue

Summer Vacation  
Our June 2017 vacation will be to the Black Hills of South Dakota. From '62-'63, I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB (12 miles east of Rapid City) and had a great time there. In 1981, I took Ryan and Alan on a fun camping vacation to the Black Hills and Devil's Tower (WY). There's so much to see and do ... we're looking forward to it!

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Panama City Beach
Summer 2016
Sarasota Vacation

Fall 2016
Christmas in Minnesota!

Minnesota Christmas
Winter 2016
DC Vacation

Washington DC
Spring 2017
Black Hills Vacation

South Dakota

Summer 2017

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Panama City Beach
Summer 2015

North Shore
Fall 2015

Central Florida
Winter 2015

Niagara Falls
Summer 2016

Panama City Beach
Fall 2012

Southern California
Spring 2013

Atlanta Visit
Spring 2013

Fall 2013

Atlanta Visit
Summer 2014

Florida Keys
Winter 2010

Panama City Beach
Spring 2011

New York City

Summer 2011

Pensacola Beach
Fall 2011

New Mexico
Summer 2012

Pacific Northwest
Fall 2008

Winter 2008

Spring 2009

Panama City Beach
Spring 2010

Fall 2010

Pensacola Beach
Spring 2007

Summer 2007

Fall 2007

Cumberland Island
Fall 2007

Pensacola Beach
Spring 2008

Central California
Fall 2004

Fall 2005

Winter 2005

Atlanta-PC Beach
Summer 2006

Outer Banks
Fall 2006

Pacific Northwest
Summer 1999

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Summer 2000

Washington DC
Summer 2002

Chattooga Rafting
Summer 2003

Pacific Northwest
Summer 2003

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